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For fun images look here.

class notes on my short digital photography class.

Here's a great site for some interesting and useful Photoshop plug-ins. They also have images and textures in both free and commercial versions. Go take a look!


Nohr Photo offers various services from photography and printmaking to videography and dvd/bd production. Click the links on the bottom left to learn more.

Contact me at mnohr <at-sign> Change <at-sign> to @. I put that in to confuse the spambots that go around and collect email addresses.

Image Collections

You'll find some of my photos by clicking on any of the gallery images. Prints are available in sizes up to 24" x 60".

Some browsers don't display the galleries at first. The screen shows "loading image", but it never finishes. Try hitting the refresh button (F5 on IE), this usually makes it work.

New: Medicine Hat Creche Exhibit 2007.


360 Degree Virtual Tours with Just One Click!

I enjoy creating panoramas. Click the above link for the easiest way to create panorama photos yourself. If you have a specific site you want me to do, please contact at the above email address.